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Pannier Dealer Info

We love the idea of giving people the opportunity to individualize the look of their bicycle and at the same time give a practical way to go shopping, commute or for leisure activities. Our bags are not mass-produced, but handcrafted in our studio in Canada and patterns change continuously. We continue to select fabrics that are distinct and unique, but also practical in terms of weather conditions. The bags attach easily to all bike racks, including Pedego e-bikes. If you want the panniers to be adaptable to the MIK system, please let us know, and that can be accommodated. We recommend that dealers start with a small selection and allow for our efficient turnover to keep their stock fresh. The cost of our bags is $100 CAD (approximately $80 US) plus shipping. Suggested retail price is $180 - $220. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch at stanleycarroll@shaw.ca

Go to our Shopify Bags and Panniers page for current stock images.